Q “What company does make your kigurumi?”

A Mostly our kigurumi have been made by SAZAC since 1996. SAZAC is the most popular and well regarded kigurumi manufacturing companies. They are our official partner, and each kigurumi comes with a tag which certifies their authenticity.

Q “how do we calculate shipping costs to my country?”

A Follow these three easy steps:
1, Write quantity in the box beside “Add to Cart”.
2, Push the button, “Add to Cart”.
3, A page showing the costs will appear.

Q How would I wash a kigurumi? What washer setting should i use?”

A You can wash with a washing machine.

Use a gentle setting.
Make sure the water is under 40℃.
It can be put in a laundry bag of mesh for protection.
DO NOT tumble dry.