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Rilakkuma & KoRilakkuma’s owner from Spain
Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Oh, I just… LOVE IT!
Hahaha I have the Rilakkuma kigurumi ( SS )
so that’s great when you live in one of the hottest cities of Spain!
It’s soft and fresh~~
The first time I wore it with my friend (matching Korilakkuma),
everybody was looking at us!
It was great *^*
And then at some expomangas… Everybody wanted to hug us .
Some of my friends are even saving money to buy one.
Now i’m also saving money to have my second one ><

KoRilakkuma’s owner from CANADA
Friday, May 6th, 2011

I love my Kigurumi!
I can’t believe how fast it got delivered to me.
It’s so soft, comfortable, cute and cozy! I was shocked how warm it was.
Canada can get pretty cold in the winter so my Kigurumi will keep me nice and warm! :D
I also can’t wait to wear it to the next Anime Convention I go too. I’m sure everyone will love it too! Thank you very much! I adore it!