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a major earthquake occurred
Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

a major earthquake occurred on 11th March in japan.
mainly north of Japan.
our office is no problem so far.
im not sure but next shipping on Wednesday maybe delayed.
ill announce next news in a few days.

manager Wataru

to U.S.A customers
Monday, November 15th, 2010

<Summary of the JP POST announcement>

Air mails weighing above 16 oz to the US and its territories will not be accepted by JP POST, unless you have a contract with JP Post,as of Wednesday, November 17th.

JP POST announced last Friday that air mail,EMS packages over 16 oz to the US and its territories will not be acceptable from November 17th because JP POST does not have any methods of sending them to the destination due to the reinforcement of US air security against the recent activities of terrorists.

then we stop to accept orders over 453g(16 oz) from USA.
when we get some news we update here.
best regards

Stitch’s owner from NETHERLANDS
Monday, November 8th, 2010

I got so fond of my kigu that I bought a summer version almost immediatly after I got my winter Stitch version.
I wear it for parties and all kinds of get togethers.
But the most comfortable thing to do is just sleep in it ^-^
Friends of mine got interested in having a Kigurumi as well so I hooked them up!
Thanks to Wataru of course :D
(Also: The girls love it ;D)
- Mounir

Ik raakte zo gehecht aan mijn kigu dat ik bijna meteen een zomer versie had gehaald nadat ik mijn winter Stitch binnen had.
Ik doe hem aan bij feestjes en allerlei verschillende bijeenkomsten.
Maar het lekkerste is natuurlijk om er in te slapen ^-^
Vrienden van me werden ook geintereseerd dus ik heb Kigu’s voor ze geregeld :p
Via Wataru natuurlijk :D
(Oh enne… de meiden houden er van ;D)
- Mounir

Black Kitty’s owner from USA
Friday, November 5th, 2010

I totally love my Kigurumi!
I told hubby I’m gonna start collecting them…and bought 4 more (I’m ready for next year)!!!
I received several compliments on the hello kitty this halloween!!
It’s sooo comfy too!

Angel’s owner from NORWAY
Thursday, November 4th, 2010

I ordered it Oct. 15, and got it just in time for halloween!
The fleece is supersoft and perfect for cold norwegian winters when you just want to stay indoors :)
I like that you can machinewash it (cold), saves a lot of time!
Plus.. Angel is soo cute!
This shop is absolutely the best place to buy a kigu! ?